I actually have this bucket and compost bin! They’re both pretty cheap on Amazon. It’s been super easy as far as starter sets go. I even gave a second bucket to a friend so she could bring me her scraps, too!

I started thinking more seriously about composting when I entered the International Composting Awareness Week poster contests two years in a row (I was not selected, but the winners were both gorgeous!) My mother composted growing up, and I associated it with farm-y activities. I wanted to be the kind of person who composted. Where I lived at the time was not easily conducive to the process of depositing gathered kitchen scraps, but thankfully my then-husband and I moved back to our old house in March of 2020.

I was so excited for an opportunity to start composting! It gave me a sense of joy and satisfaction to save our veggie scraps, and the copious amounts of coffee grinds I produce. My compost heap is not very big, and being on my own now it’ll be even harder to fill it up, but that’s okay. I love feeling like I’m doing some small part to help the environment, and I’ll happily talk about composting with anyone who will listen 🙂