Hi, I’m Savannah!

I write Pickles and Pitch because I wanted to make a fun, happy comic for people who enjoy the witchy aesthetic. I also write books!

This comic is heavily inspired by the WitchesVSPatriarchy subreddit.


Am I a witch?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: While I don’t personally identify as a witch, I admire so much of the contemporary witchy community, and the way it encourages honoring the self and others. So much ‘witchcraft’ is just common sense and old knowledge of what works. The ‘witchiest’ things I do are read Tarot cards and consult a psychic now and then.

While I’m not a witch, I strive to always create the Pickles and Pitch comics with inclusivity, and respect to the communities I admire but can’t claim membership to. If I’ve missed the mark please let me know and I’ll do everything I can to understand and correct my mistake.


How are the comics made?

Exclusively in Adobe Illustrator. I’m not great at hand-drawing, but with Illustrator I can tinker until my particular brand of perfectionism is satisfied.